Thursday, 15 August 2013

You are beautiful // The Naked Face Campaign

Hi everyone!

I feel as though life is a constant struggle with am I beautiful enough, am I worthy? Everyday we see "beautiful" people everywhere we look: in magazines, on the TV, on the internet. We want to look just like them, but remember, beauty comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and isn't defined as one certain look.

This brings me to today's post, The Naked Face Campaign, which I was so kindly tagged by plovesfashion to do.

This post is to show everyone who follows or looks at my blog that - I'm not perfect - no one's perfect. Everyone is different and everyone has their own insecurities and things that they may not like about themselves - but there is no harm in embracing them and saying, "Yes I have these, but do you know what? I'm me and I'm beautiful," because at the end of the day, you are who you are and you look the way you look. There is no shame in not being the typical size 8 the majority of girls and women dream of being, there's nothing wrong with having freckles - 70% of men like freckles! There's nothing wrong with being pale - most people relate pale skin to purity - so embrace it!

So many girls, women, boys and men go to extreme measures because they aren't happy with how they look and the amount of pressure that is put on them is shocking! Magazines, TV shows - even through their own friends and family, and let's not forget social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

With that being said - I am in now way perfect. There are some things I like about myself and some things I don't. So what I have decided to do - which is kind of similar to the tag that was going around YouTube for a while - my perfect imperfections. 

- Here's what you do

1. I am going to list 3 things I like and don't like about myself and explain why
2. I will then post a picture of my "naked face"
3. I am then going to tag some people to do it themselves, to help spread the word!

Let's first start with the negatives...

1. My arms. I am a tennis player, so I have a lot of strength in my arms. Notice how I didn't say they were muscular. Instead of having nicely defined, toned, muscular looking arms, they just look big. What I mean is that just look "chunky." I hate wearing tank tops or any other piece of clothing where my whole arm is visible.

2. My skin. Although I have to admit that my skin has cleared up a lot over the past years and you can notice huge improvements, I'm still not completely content with it. Across my forehead I have little bumps, not spots, but bumps. I also suffer severely from blackheads. All around my nose and on my chin, there are blackheads. No matter what I try, they won't budge!

3. My face. When I say my face, I don't mean how it actually looks, but that it's really round. Round faces run on my mum's side of the family. I know I will probably love this later as people with round faces often look younger, but right now I hate it. When I smile, my face looks chubby. Another reason why I hate family photo time.

Now time for the positives... The sad thing is is that I thought of my negatives straight away, but I'm struggling to think of three things I even remotely like about myself. I guess that just shows what kind of world we live in, when we can spot our imperfections straight away but have to think over our perfections.

1. My legs. I have my mum to thank for this. My mum has always been known for her amazing legs and I guess I inherit some of that from her. I wouldn't say my legs are amazing, but they are long. They are also quite toned. Even if I do say so myself, they look pretty good with short skirts.

2. My nails. See what I mean when I say that I can't think of my perfections. I don't even know if nails count. But anyway, I am very happy with them. About a year ago I FINALLY stopped biting them and now I let them grow. You will also never seem them unpainted. I think that they have a very nice shape to them. They are wide, but not too wide. They are definitely my most complimented part of me.

3. My eyes/eyelashes. So pretty much my whole eye area. My eyes are brown, pretty much the most common colour, but I love them! I also love my eyelashes. They are naturally long, which means I can easily get away without wearing mascara and no one notices. People often ask me whether they are real and I take pride in saying yes.

Now time for my naked face. Please excuse my creepy smile...

So that's it everyone, my perfect imperfections! Sometimes it's good to not only think about the bad parts of oneself, but also the good. Therefore; I tag anyone and everyone who is reading this post to take part in The Naked Face Campaign. Share with us how perfect you are - because it's true. If you do this tag please tell me in the comments so I can check it out!

Just remember, you are beautiful.



plovesfashion said...
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plovesfashion said...

Nice post! When I was tagged to do this, I was glad to participate in promoting self acceptance etc. Thanks for resposting! I followed your blog as well!